Alissma offers the following services to the Faithful, and galactic governments


 The Mists of Gand


Salvation for eternal souls – You don’t want your soul to be lost, wandering the Mists for all eternity when you die, do you? Ara saves all those who believe in Him from this fate. Since Alissma are Ara’s chosen, a donation to us will bring you to His attention, so that your soul may be saved. Please be aware that past actions may affect the level of devotion you will need to show. Please contact Alissma to be sure that you are accounting for your past deeds.


Last Rites/Funeral ceremonies – Alissma offers a full range of ceremonies for the dead, bringing them to Ara’s attention and asking Him to save them from the Mists, if they are worthy. To be safe, it is best if the deceased has made preparations in advance. It is not always possible to repent after passing on.


Wedding ceremonies – If you need a priest to perform the ceremony for your joyous day, Alissma offers packages from a simple overseeing of vows to supplying a venue, witnesses, and even a buffet.


Naming ceremonies – So you’re expecting a new bundle of joy. But he needs a name! Those named in Ara’s presence are easier for Ara to watch over and find in the Mists. Alissma can provide a priest to perform the naming of your little one, and we haven’t dropped one yet!


Facility management – Temples are no good to you if they do not have priests. Priests are no good to your flock if they are not preaching of the one true God! A contract with Alissma will ensure that one of our Ruetsavii will be available to give services in your temples, and keep your population happy. Contracts can be negotiated for a percentage of the donations from your facilities, to be agreed between Alissma and yourselves.


Facility construction - Our religious facilities can keep your population happy and under control, secure in the knowledge that whatever may happen to them in this mortal existence, if they follow the Path that Ara has set for them, His Light awaits them as a refuge from the Mists after death. Obtaining these benefits for your population is easy - Alissma can either have a priest to attend to the consecration of the site and direction for the layout of the facility, or one of your own people can be temporarily ordained into Ara's service and perform these tasks themselves. Typically, we require the provision of the necessary materials as a minimum, with additional fees to be agreed upon depending on circumstances and the agreed management contract, which is also a requirement of this service. Any taxes incurred during construction on a planet you own are also expected to be refunded.


Conversion of population to belief in Ara, willingly or otherwise – Alissma likes nothing better than to bring new Faithful into Ara’s Light. We understand that people do not always appreciate that we are actually helping them. Our Indoctrination personnel can assist you in converting a planet’s population to the belief in Ara, at which point they will be able to see that allowing you to govern over them is in their best interests. Rates vary by population and defenses. An ongoing facilities management contract will also be required for this service.


Hunting down of criminals and/or heretics by the Findsmen – You might not need to pay us for this service, as most heretics we will hunt down for only the cost of their life. However, if you have someone who you believe may be a heretic and is disrupting your day-to-day business, Alissma can dispatch our Findsmen to hunt down this individual and see that Ara’s Will is served upon them. Findsmen are skilled in hunting their prey through the Mists of Gand, so the open galaxy is no problem to them. Rates for this service vary.


Jihads – An Alissmaic Jihad is a religious war against an individual or group who has insulted Ara, Alissma and the Gand people. Such an act is all-but unforgiveable, and all Gand will be called to fight against this enemy. We will not rest until they are exterminated, their souls wander the Mists for eternity, and their memory is scattered to the four winds. We do not charge for this service, nor can you buy it. Pray you never become the target of it.